Friday, May 24, 2013

In To Kill a Mockingbird Boo Radley Kills Bob Ewell, but for a good cause. Bob raped and hurt his daughter. Instead of taking the blame he forced Mayella to blame it on Tom Robinson, an African american.. She stood up for her father even though he hurt her. You shouldn't do that even if its your father. Tom went to jail for something he didn't even do. he tried to escape from jail but in mid-break he gets shot and dies. Bob tries to attack Jem and Scout because their Dad Atticus was Toms lawyer, and he ruined Bobs Reputation. Boo likes Jem and Scout for some reason. They believed in Boo, they didn't think he was this ugly scary guy.

      “Run, Scout! Run! Run! Jem Screamed.” (pg351) Jem is saying this because Bob Ewell is running after them. he wants to kill them for what their father had done to his reputation.  their father is Atticus Finch. He was Tom Robinson's Lawyer in his case. He would've won if the jury wasn't racist. When Bob was attacking the kids Boo heard the screams and went to rescue them. He got there in time too. He stabbed Bob. When Bob was dead everyone knew that Boo killed him. instead of turning him in every one said that he tripped and fell on his knife. He didn't regret killing Bob, he tried to murder the kids. Everyone knew that. He was a hero.

       “Boo Radley.You were so busy  looking at the fire you didn't know it when he put the blanket around you.”(pg96) That day it was snowing. so it was very cold and everyone had there stoves going to heat up their houses.  Miss Maudie's house just so happened to catch on fire. Everyone in the neighborhood stood at the Radley driveway to watch. Sometime during the night Boo snuck out of his house and put a blanket on Scout. She didn't know who put it on her, but that she figured  out it was Boo. She then confessed to her father everything that happened. she swore to him saying that he never hurt her or Jem.

     “Some tinfoil was sticking in a knot-hole just above my eve level winking at me in the afternoon sun.”(pg44) Scout was walking home from school and there are these two oak trees. there in the Radley lot, the one place they aren't supposed to go. she sees something shiny sticking out from a hole. she went up to it and found two pieces of gum wrapped in tin-foil. she knew that Boo put it in the tree for her. She took it and ate it. when she got home Jem yelled at her for eating it and made her spit it out. she did. she didn't care that it was from him. she thought that he was a caring creepy guy  that nobody knew.

    As you can see, Boo Radley made some serious decisions that were very dangerous. First he put candy in the tree for Scout, then he put a blanket on Scout when the fire was happening at Miss Maudies house, and finally he killed Bob Ewell to save the kids. Boo is a creepy person in the beginning of the book but i the end he is a hero. Boo Radley a true American Hero.   

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fishay Fishay

The Old Man and the Sea
By: Ernest Hemmingway
Scribner Paperback Fiction
Fishay Fishay

      Santiago is a Cuban fisherman that is the main character in this story. He goes out into the ocean for 84 days without catching a single fish. he has a young apprentice named Maolin. His parents had forbidden him to go fishing with the unlucky fisherman. he goes with him anyways. The book takes place mostly in the waters in the gulf of mexico, but it also takes place in a small village in Cuba.  the theme is to never give up on your goals.

      “He always thought of the sea as 'la mar' which is what people call her in Spanish when they love her. Sometimes those who love her say bad things of her but they are always said as though she were a woman. Some of the younger fishermen, those who used buoys as floats for their lines and had motorboats, bought when the shark livers had brought much money, spoke of her as 'el mar' which is masculine.They spoke of her as a contestant or a place or even an enemy. But the old man always thought of her as feminine and as something that gave or withheld great favours, and if she did wild or wicked things it was because she could not help them. The moon affects her as it does a woman, he thought.”
   i chose this quote for know reason. it was a quote about the book so i chose it. i do agree with this quote. i don’t know why i agree with it, i just do. it uses some french words. i thought it was cool.

“So he hooked a patch of yellow Gulf weed with the graff as they passed and shook it so that the small shrimps that were in it fell onto the planking of the skiff(pg 98).”
  This sentence from the book contains imagery. i could just see the shrimp falling out from the weed as he shook it.
   This book is nothing like my favorite book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. i don't really like this book it was really boring. while in my favorite book its really exciting and not boring at all. it had more action, i like books with action. books without action are really boring. even though this book had some action, most of it was really boring so it just ruined the whole thing for me.
  “A man can be destroyed but not defeated(pg 38).”
what i think this quote means, is that a man can be “destroyed” as in death or something but he will always rise up again and destroy you.
 All this guy does is fish, which is ok. i really like fishing. i think its fun and all. especially when that fish gets caught on your hook. that is an amazing feeling. than it fights for its life while you try and catch him. he swims away but instead of going away he comes closer. he is no match for man.
I give the old man and the sea 1 paw- don't leave the den

Monday, March 11, 2013


      Bananas are delicious. That's all i have to say. I'm going on this really amazing journey to get the world’s most delicious banana. It supposedly in the form of this substance called ice cream. Its where the human live. Our kind usually stays away from their kind. i must get captured by them. They might take me to this horrible place called the zoo. Many Baboons have been captured and have found their ways back to our land the jungle. They told us stories of how the humans poked them with sharp things. Hopefully that doesn't happen to me. So I start the journey in this jungle. I’m walking. Now I'm running. i start to jump through the trees. At the end of the jungle there is a road. I start to walk on it it’s extremely hot. Instead of walking on the road i walk next to it on the dirt. All the way down this road in my head i say “that banana ice cream is going to be soooo good and refreshing.”

     I start to see a car. It’s going really fast. i stop when its near me. It then stops. I start to scream. They capture me. They put me in the back of the car in a cage with a dog. The dog starts to lick me. He even lets me drink some of his water. “That was the best tasting water i have ever had” i thought to myself. We stop at this place. They take me out of the car. They also take out the dog. They take us into the really cold place. The humans start to talk. I can't understand them. I could only make out a few words. They said: cage monkey people love and money. I knew where I was, I was in the zoo.
       I knew that this was going to happen to me. i just have to find a way out of this horrible place. Maybe the dog will help me. i just have to find him. “Where is he” i said, the humans hit the cage, that made me mad. i started to jump all around the cage hitting everything. They then poked me with a sharp object. i started to doze off. When I woke up i was outside. It was hot. Humans were all around me. They were shouting and flashing bright lights at me. Then there was a small human with long brown hair. She just stood there looking at me, she looked sad. When everyone left she was still there. She was just staring at me. I went up to her. She somehow picked me up and started to carry me out of the zoo.

      I fell asleep in her words she was so soothing I couldn't help it. When i woke up again I was in a room with holes all around it. I went near one and i was being protected by this clear substance. I looked out it i could see buildings and only buildings. I was so high up I could barely see the ground. i just sat there looking out the hole. Seeing the cars go by there were so many different colors and shapes. I needed to take a nap so i did. When I woke up the little human was staring at me again. She started talking to me. The only words i could make out where name and Morgan.
      I then brought me into this room with all these electrical things. She opened this big white thing with two doors. She took out this container. It had and image on it but I didn't have time to see what it was. She took out this shiny object and started to scoop something out of the container. She then sat down at the table. She then put the shiny thing into her mouth. She did this about 2486r8745087032876 times, but I could be wrong because I can't count. When she was done with it she brought me back into the room with a lot of holes in it. She made me this bed. I went into it. It was really comfy. I fell asleep almost immediately. When i woke up Morgan had a banana. I ate the banana. That banana is the best thing I have ever eaten. The little girl left. I decided to also leave because I haven't forgotten my mission. I went out the door.

      I didn't really want to leave that little human. i felt bad for her. i was hoping that when i was done maybe i'll go back to her home. Maybe she will even help me find my way home. So when i was going down these bumpy things i had a serious discussion with myself. “Why do you even need this banana ice cream?” “I don't know.” “Well you should know, if you didn't need it you wouldn't be in this mess, you would be at the jungle playing with your friends.” “Stop making me feels bad i just thought that it was a good idea at the time.” “well you thought wrong.” I know i did so end of discussion!” wow that was intense. When I came to the end of the bumpy road I came into another problem.
   When I encountered this human, he was much larger than the girl; he was more the size of the ones that captured me first. He started to come after me. i ran out the door. When I come out of that monstrous place there were many people walking everywhere. i looked around, right next to that building there was another building that said store. That’s what I’ve been looking for. i went into the store and ran all around it until I found the scent of bananas. The first time they were just regular bananas so I kept looking. I came into this cold part of the store it had containers with holes in them; those holes were the same as the ones in the other building. Instead of seeing cars drive by it had more containers in it. i kept on looking and they all read ICE CREAM. My mission is almost complete. i found some ice cream that had a picture of a banana on it. i opened the first container and took as many of the second one I possibly could. When I finally found my way out of the store. I went back to the building that I originally came from. The problem just came back.
          It was that stupid overly large human. as soon I saw him I saw my little human friend. She was talking to him. She then turned and saw me. Her eyes got so big; she then started to produce water from her eyes. She ran over to me and picked me up. She then stuck her tongue out of her mouth at the big human and took me up the bumpy path. She went into her room. i found a piece of paper and something to write down. I wrote home. She knew what I meant. The next day we got my ice cream and put it into a smaller cooling device. She brought me back to the zoo but not where she found me, she took me into the same building that the original people took me in. the people were there, so was there dog that I liked. She demanded that they took be back to where they found me. They started to argue, and after a while the little human got up and so did the other too, she took me to their car. We drove for a while. I don't remember driving this far but apparently this is the spot. First the little human marked the spot for some reason. Then she took out the little cooling device and took out my ice cream. When I started to walk away she reached for my hand. She gave me a huge hug and left. When I finally got back to my herd. I shared my banana ice cream with them. I barely had enough to go around. i had one container left. i had it all to myself that ice cream was soo good. I can't even explain the experience of it. That was an amazing journey; I should probably do that more often.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ari Runs On Dunkin


Ari Runs On Dunkin.

In this cruel world there are many things that mean something to me. Everything is so pricey, not that many things are priceless. Friends for an example are priceless, well at true friends are priceless. My friend Ari is an example of a true friend. She may disappoint me sometimes, but everyone disappoints people in their life. Then there are the things in life that have a price tag. most of the everyday things in life are priced. Whether it be the coffee you get at Dunkin Donuts or the clothes that you wear every day.

When in get up every morning I always ask to go to Dunkin Donuts. Whenever I go I always get a medium coffee collata with whipped cream and a plain bagel toasted with cream cheese. That's what I look forward to on the weekends when I wake up. Sometimes I even get it twice a day, but when I go the second time I only get my collata. The bagel is just way much.

When I take a sip of my drink it tastes so good. The flavor is delicious. I don't really like regular coffee but for some reason I do like this. The whipped cream is the best part. That's the part I always sip up first. The bagel is also delicious. The only downside to it is that sometimes they put way too much cream cheese. I like my bagels nice and toasty.

Ari is such a good friend! She is always there for me. She can tell me anything without worry. She always tells me her problems in her life, but I don't mind. She might disappoint me sometimes, but everyone does it's just how life likes to be. Sometimes I even disappoint her. Whenever I do something stupid or childish she yells at me which is what a good friend should do.

We don't really hangout when we aren't in school, because our schedules don't really match up that well. We are only in two classes together which is a bummer. I wish we were in more together, that would be awesome. In the classes we do have together we always talk to each other. It's kind of hard in math because my math teacher is out to get me like always and doesn't let me talk to anyone. I'm isolated in a little island in the middle of know where. Ari and I always find a way to talk though. Nobody can keep us from talking to each other.

These two items don't really have that much in common. One thing they have in common is that they both make my life amazing. If all of a sudden Dunkin ran out of business and Ari had to move my life would be terrible. If I never met Ari or Dunkin never existed I would have a humongous hole in my life.

Obviously these two things are completely different. One is a restaurant and one is a living thing. Dunkin is located all around America. If you don't know there famous quote here it is: "America runs on Dunkin." Ari is one person that lives in South Hadley, Ma. Dunkin could just randomly go out of business and never sell again, Ari is just a single person who I don't think is just going to drop dead(that would be terrible).

I value these items in many different ways. I value Ari as a person. I wouldn't value her as dirt. She obviously isn't dirt, she is a person a real life person. Dunkin Donuts isn't a living thing so I'm going value it differently. I value it as a restaurant. It is a restaurant, why wouldn't i value it as that.

Value is different for everybody. Everybody values everything different. Not that many people have things that they can value. A homeless person might value a blanket as the best thing in the world. As someone who is a multimillionaire doesn't really value the little things in life. They have everything they want. They probably don't even use blankets they just put their house temp. up as high as they want. They can afford it, they can afford anything they want. They don't even need everything they need. A person who lives in a box in an alley in a city might be living a pretty good life. They might want to live somewhere warmer if they are somewhere cold. They might want three warm meals a day. Everything I have value. I might not need everything I have, but I still value it. That is what I value in my life and what value means to me.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The adventures of the Son of Neptune and the other two misfits!Second quarter outside reading book review.
The Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune, Rick Riordan,Hyperion Books ,2011, Genre: Fiction

Percy Jackson is the main character to THIS book. He has been brainwashed and is dumped outside the the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter. Percy is the son of Neptune. When he wakes up from his sleep he doesn’t know who he is. There is an old lady who tells him to go to this camp. He carries her there. He meets these 2 kids. their names are Hazel and Frank. they are both misfits. Nobody really likes them. After a while in the camp percy gets chosen to go on this quest to find the Camp symbol, the Golden Eagle. Percy, Hazel and Hank travel all around the U.S. and Antarctica. They travel to this ghost town and find this talking vulture who tells them info on everything they need to know. They even go and find Hanks grandmother who is dieing. Right before she dies she tells him the family secret. They then start to get attacked by the Gaea’s army. So they sneak out the back door and escape. they then travel to antarctica where they have to Free Death and get the Golden Eagle.

“Percy Jackson fans rest easy: this first book in Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus spin-off series is a fast paced adventure with enough familiar elements to immediately hook those eager to revisit his modern world of mythological mayhem. Rotating among his three protagonists, Riordan’s storytelling is as polished as ever, brimming with wit, action, and heart- his devotes won’t be disappointed.”
-Publishers Weekly

Rick Riordan likes to make his own writing style. He Doesn’t have chapters like other books, he just has different views of the story from 3 different people. He does this in all of his books in this series and other series. except it’s with different people.

“You dare take me on a sleigh ride?” he tensed and sniffed the air. “ that snuffed-out souls. Thanatos is free, eh? Bah! it doesn't matter. Gaea still controls the doors of death.” (page-466)

Ever since i read the first book in 7th grade i've been hooked on them. The way he writes, i love it. I’ve read every single book that he has out so far. They are just wonderful. He made me really like greek mythology. It’s one of my favorite subjects. i know a lot about it just by reading his books. he doesn't just write about greek mythology he also writes egyptian mythology. i also read those books.

If you really like these kinds of books than i would advise you read them, but if you don't i wouldn't advise you to read it. I’m rating this book 3 paws which is pursue it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Adventure's of Katniss and Tigris.

Katniss E. from Catching Fire
Tigris from Mocking Jay

After I got exiled from Panem and was sent back to my home district which was destroyed by President Snow. I was allowed every so often to go back to the capitol the shop and talk to my old friend that weren't killed by the uprising in every district. Every time I went I stopped by Tigris a shop owner that helped me hide from the capitol in her shop. We always talk about how we are and my new baby Primrose Rue Mellark. Sometimes she comes with me to the Capitol but she usually stays back at District 12 with Peeta. “ Ohhh what a cute little baby “ said Tigris. “ She is cute but she throws up too much and I hate cleaning it up! “ said Katniss. “ Who cares she is so stinking cute!!! “ says Tigris. After our discussion we had some tea and ate cookies. I fed Prim and she took a nap. We went shopping for baby clothes and she always showed me the most ridiculous outfits for her. I let her buy her some because Peeta would kill me if I bought her one of them. Eventually we saw Gale so we said "hi" and just passed on. He doesn’t really like me now that I chose Peeta over him and had a baby with him. I miss gale and the good old days. i wished that Prim’s name was never pulled out of that stupid glass ball for the reaping. Then me and Gale would be perfectly fine and she wouldn't be dead and district 12 wouldn’t be blown up. After that I started to get my usuall panic attack and I passed out. Thankfully Tigris is strong and was able to carry the baby and I  back to her shop. When I woke up I asked her what happened she said “you passed out so I picked you up and brought you back to the shop and let you sleep.” “Thanks.” I said. Tigris asked me if she could come back to District 12 because she hasn’t been to any other District in Panem. Itold her she could stay as long as she wanted but she had to sleep in Peeta’s old house . She agreed to my conditions. when she was done packing she pretty much took her whole entire wardrobe so i’m guessing she is going to be staying for a while, which i don’t mind. She also brought tons of her food.
         The night we got home she asked me if she could have Prim for a little bit. “Sure” I said. she brought her to her new home and i heard giggles and crying all night. when she brought her home she was so happy that she was able to play with her for the night. In the morning Peeta, Tigris and I went to the fields to pick some blueberries. when we got to the bushes we see some wild animals we have never seen before. They saw us and started to walk towards us. we started to walk away. As so as we turned they started to run, we started to run. Tigris started to slow down and we asked why. "I will try and distract them so you guys can get a head start." She said. "But Tigris I don't want you to leave you are one of my only friends right now other than Peeta and Prim." I said. buts it's the only way you guys will survive." she says. She stopped completely and started to run the complete opposite direction. the beasts followed her. by the time Peeta and I got to our house we started to hear some screams and howls from the woods. I started to cry, I didn't want her to die. after a couple hours of Peeta cradling me in his arms there was a bang on the door. It was Tigris, she alive. she has a lot of scratches all over her and her clothes are ripped in various places.  She has blood dripping from her hands and a tooth in her left hand. After that encounter she went right to her house. In the morning she was gone, she left without a trace. She didn’t even say goodbye. I tried to call her but she didn’t answer. I guess she doesn’t like me anymore...