Friday, May 24, 2013

In To Kill a Mockingbird Boo Radley Kills Bob Ewell, but for a good cause. Bob raped and hurt his daughter. Instead of taking the blame he forced Mayella to blame it on Tom Robinson, an African american.. She stood up for her father even though he hurt her. You shouldn't do that even if its your father. Tom went to jail for something he didn't even do. he tried to escape from jail but in mid-break he gets shot and dies. Bob tries to attack Jem and Scout because their Dad Atticus was Toms lawyer, and he ruined Bobs Reputation. Boo likes Jem and Scout for some reason. They believed in Boo, they didn't think he was this ugly scary guy.

      “Run, Scout! Run! Run! Jem Screamed.” (pg351) Jem is saying this because Bob Ewell is running after them. he wants to kill them for what their father had done to his reputation.  their father is Atticus Finch. He was Tom Robinson's Lawyer in his case. He would've won if the jury wasn't racist. When Bob was attacking the kids Boo heard the screams and went to rescue them. He got there in time too. He stabbed Bob. When Bob was dead everyone knew that Boo killed him. instead of turning him in every one said that he tripped and fell on his knife. He didn't regret killing Bob, he tried to murder the kids. Everyone knew that. He was a hero.

       “Boo Radley.You were so busy  looking at the fire you didn't know it when he put the blanket around you.”(pg96) That day it was snowing. so it was very cold and everyone had there stoves going to heat up their houses.  Miss Maudie's house just so happened to catch on fire. Everyone in the neighborhood stood at the Radley driveway to watch. Sometime during the night Boo snuck out of his house and put a blanket on Scout. She didn't know who put it on her, but that she figured  out it was Boo. She then confessed to her father everything that happened. she swore to him saying that he never hurt her or Jem.

     “Some tinfoil was sticking in a knot-hole just above my eve level winking at me in the afternoon sun.”(pg44) Scout was walking home from school and there are these two oak trees. there in the Radley lot, the one place they aren't supposed to go. she sees something shiny sticking out from a hole. she went up to it and found two pieces of gum wrapped in tin-foil. she knew that Boo put it in the tree for her. She took it and ate it. when she got home Jem yelled at her for eating it and made her spit it out. she did. she didn't care that it was from him. she thought that he was a caring creepy guy  that nobody knew.

    As you can see, Boo Radley made some serious decisions that were very dangerous. First he put candy in the tree for Scout, then he put a blanket on Scout when the fire was happening at Miss Maudies house, and finally he killed Bob Ewell to save the kids. Boo is a creepy person in the beginning of the book but i the end he is a hero. Boo Radley a true American Hero.   


  1. 1. It starts off on a good topic about Boo Radley killing Bob Ewell it was also unclear on what prompt he did.
    2. They were all good but my Favorite one was the First one because its about Jem screaming at Scout to run because he was being chased by Bob Ewell.
    3. something that this essay was good about was that the writer explained the topics very well.
    4. That it couldve been better with making sense because in some parts it didnt really make sense to me

  2. 1. your essay talks about boo radley and what kind of person he is.
    2. my favorite quote is the first because it starts talking about when boo saved them
    3. you explained everything well and youre very organized.
    4. check grammar. other than that it was good.